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Trump Penalty:’I’m allowed to hit him just like I hit Bill Clinton’–Trump warns Obama

Donald Trump made a threat to Barack Obama on Wednesday night:If the president criticizes him on the campaign trail, ‘I’m allowed to hit him just like I hit Bill Clinton.’

The warning resonated still-fresh memories of Trump using the word ‘rape’ during a Fox News Channel broadcast to condemn one of former President Clinton’s infamous encounters with women other than his wife – who is now the Democratic front-runner.

Speaking almost in a campaign mode in Elkhart,Indiana on Wednesday,Obama carefully avoided mentioning the Republicans’ presumptive nominee by name.

However he hit the billionaire real estate tycoon just the same for claiming ‘that he’s gonna bring all these jobs back. Well how exactly are you gonna do that? … What magic wand do you have? Usually the answer is he doesn’t have an answer.’

Trump fired back during a sweat-soaked rally in a Sacramento, California airport hangar as a crowd of thousands squinted to see him in front of a blistering sun.

‘He’s going to start campaigning,’ Trump predicted. ‘If he campaigns, that means I’m allowed to hit him just like I hit Bill Clinton, I guess, right?’

‘If he doesn’t, I don’t care. But if he campaigns, and I think he wants to because he wants to keep his this terrible agenda going where everybody is ripping us, where the world is ripping us off.’

He Later,summed up his speech that began and ended early, he told Obama he should be spending less time on the road and more of his energy repairing relations with foreign countries.

China’s leaders, he said, ‘have no respect for our country. They have no respect for our president. They think he’s a total lightweight.’

‘And now he’s gonna be campaigning! And you know what? He shouldn’t campaign. He should go out and do the job he’s supposed to be doing, not campaigning.’

Trump also teased Obama with a warning about an upcoming November 1 deadline for the Health and Human Services Department to publish insurance premium rates for Affordable Care Act policies in 2017.

The date comes less than a week before Americans go to the polls. The Obama administration has shown no sign of trying to move it, despite fears that skyrocketing rates could turn the election into a sour-tasting referendum on Obamacare.

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