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Jungle Justice In Nigeria – Do or Don’t

What is jungle justice?

Well, it’s just a punishment carried out by individuals on a suspected criminal without any legal authority. Such criminal will experience a lot of pain before life is finally gone out of him/her.

He/She can be hit with different materials such as wood, broken bottles, steels, stones etc anything possible just make to sure the person is vulnerable or temporarily paralyzed and then the final stage comes – burning the criminal naked and alive.

Jungle Justice started in Nigeria close to a decade ago and still no solution has been procured to it.

The Law

According to the Nigerian Constitution,

Section (33) 1 states : “Every person has the right to life, and no one shall be deprived intentionally of his life, save the execution of the sentence of a court in respect of a criminal offence of which he has been found guilty in Nigeria.”

For many years, our law enforcement agencies have failed in being competent. In South-South, Nigeria, it is said that arrested criminals that engage in devious acts such as armed robbery or even murder slip through the hands of the police by paying ‘affordable bails’ instead of charging them to court for their deeds but these criminals will be released will still roam the streets and continue their devilish acts. This is why Nigerians have no belief in the police and it has greatly increased the rate of jungle justice in Nigeria.
Throwback to some jungle justice events:

1. ALUU 4 BOYS (2012)

I’m sure we still all remember these four young men who were battered and burnt alive. The gory video footage spread on YouTube like wildfire,even a policeman was caught hitting them with the butt of the gun,he was later apprehended alongside others who engaged in the act. This incident went viral in the nation and the parents of the deceased are still find to justice.aluu-4-btp


This happened just weeks after the ALUU boys incident and this time it was just a 12-year-old who was accused of kidnapping a pupil. He was beaten and burnt alive in Kaduna


A certain female was stripped naked and beaten because she stole a phone. The pretty woman was caught with a stolen phone and she was sexually manhandled and beaten to pulp by an angry mob.woman-beaten-to-pulp-btp


A middle aged woman was stripped naked and also beaten a large crowd for allegedly kidnapping a young child that was home alone in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State. After about 2 hours when life had almost gone out of the woman, the police got involved and took her away.Work-pics3272

Two suspected thieves were caught for trying a steal a parked motorcycle about 2 weeks ago in Festac unfortunately one of them got away and the other was beaten to pulp by angry residents.


Two out of seven robbers were caught in caught in Warri,they were beaten blue black and burnt alive in broad daylight. Their operation was to steal tricycles which we all know as ‘Keke Napep’ but they were unsuccessful and they got caught.

IMG-20160509-WA0002Also, a popular notorious thief called ‘Emma-B’ who had been terrorizing a particular community in Warri was caught by a vigilante and was brutally beaten and finally set ablaze.

There are thousands of other jungle justice cases that we all don’t know.

What’s your take on JUNGLE JUSTICE???

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  1. Oluseye Michael

    Hmmmmmm, the problem is that no matter what we say, there is no way to cub it. So maybe we should just leave it as it is, may God save us all.

  2. Nice one from the writer but not every one in Nigeria is heartless, like for instance my own state there is nothing like jungle justice, we get issues resolved peacefully.

  3. Like I said on nairaland, when there is jungle justice in Nigeria,one would think stealing and kidnapping will be reduced.

    but that aluu 4 boys really touched me,cus I heard they were just innocent boys who went to collect what was theirs

    but some idiots no they ever learn, they will still Go ahead to steal especially in broad day light why

    but I kinda support it for terrorists

  4. if is not rape we shouldnt be that wicked why burn human being alive human being not goat! even goat sef

  5. Yetunde Ayedun

    Burn them! i hate thieves burn them!

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