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Is Donald Trump’s Train wrecking?


As the sole Republican nominee in the race,Donald Trump wrecked in Nebraska Tuesday night,40 percent of Nebraska’s Republican voters voted against him. A couple of weeks ago, Donald Trump publicly declared that he does not need the Republican Party to unite behind him to win and that he does not need conservative support.

In a twist of  statements,Trump, who was opposed to minimum wage increases in the primary,now insisted he is for a minimum wage increase. When waffling on his own tax plan that he may not actually even understand, Trump says he is allowed to change his mind. Donald Trump changes his mind on things with metronomic precision.

In a couple of months from now, Democrats will spend $20 million against Donald Trump.His Republican opponents may have spent their time attacking Trump’s small hands, but Democrats will use his own words against him. The attacks by Trump’s Republican opponents had an impact on women. Polling and focus group studies suggest few of the attacks ever persuaded white men to distance themselves from Trump. Democrats have time to find attacks that will persuade them.

Starting June 8 Democrats will attack Trump in a wave of air war. Trump will also be out on usual radical campaign.The media that gave Trump roughly $2 billion in free media and softball interviews will dry up. Republicans will finally get a sense of the campaign Donald Trump will run. The signs are thus far not encouraging.

Delegates will have enormous opportunity in the the next two months to unravel themselves. The polling averages now have Hillary Clinton with a six point lead.While Trump supporters say it is only May, it is worth noting that in 2008 and 2012 the polling stayed fairly consistent and President Obama’s margins only grew.

Supporters of Trump say that in 1980, Ronald Reagan had an amazing comeback to win the race. That is only true of Gallup polling. As several pollsters have noted, the polling average in 1980 had Ronald Reagan take the lead by the end of May and he never lost it. The myth of the come from behind victory is just that, a myth. Republican delegates in Cleveland need to separate reality from myth.

The clear truth of Trump’s position so far is that he is not doing anything to grow up and rack up more supports,despite securing the support of a third of Republicans in the primary in a crowded field and even when running unopposed last week in Nebraska still had forty percent of the party oppose him.When Republicans get to Cleveland in July they should understand that the Presidency, the Senate, the House, and a host of governorships and state legislative races are on the line. They do not have yield to disaster. They can fight it by unbinding themselves and rejecting Donald Trump’s train disaster.


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