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Donald Trump On a Survival Mission


The presumptive Republican presidential nominee,Donald Trump, after defeating 16 top political leaders of his party, has said that he does not considers himself as powerful and is fighting for survival.

“I mean, I view myself as a person that, like everybody else, is fighting for survival. That’s all I view myself as,” Mr. Trump told Fox News.

“I really view myself now as somewhat of a messenger,” the 69-year-old leader said in response to a question.

Mr. Trump,one of two persons to succeed Barack Obama as the most powerful individual of the world next January, said that he does not see himself as powerful.

“I do not view myself as that,” he said when asked on him being so powerful now.

“You know, this is a massive thing that’s going on. These are millions and millions of people that have been disenfranchised from this country,” he said.

On a Monday night, his son Donald Trump Jr defended the campaign method of his father, arguing that this echoes the common people.

“I think the rise is largely in part because of the tone, because he’s finally saying things that everyone wants to say. He’s giving them a voice again,” said Mr. Trump Jr and described his father as aggressive and tough.

“When he talks and gets in a fight, he’s going to treat everyone the same way. It’s not about women or men — he did the same thing to Marco (Rubio), he did the same thing to Jeb (Bush),” he said in response to a question.

“I think he’ll change. He can be as charismatic as anyone, but there also comes a time when you actually have to say, enough is enough,” he added.


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