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Why Ben Murray-Bruce was prevented from greeting the President

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce had affirmed that he was ceased from welcome Buhari by authorities of the Department of State Services (DSS).

Adeyeye put forth his remarks by means of an announcement. It peruses:

I was at the dinner. I sat in the front line alongside other central officers of the national get together. I had a vantage perspective of what unfolded. I am frustrated by this remark from a regarded associate.

I have on two events given vigorous protection of Sen Ben Murray-Bruce. Not this time! It was Sen Dino Melaye who first went to welcome those situated at the president’s table, including President Buhari.

He was very much welcomed. Nobody in the senate has censured President Buhari more than Sen Melaye. Be that as it may, as others rose to do what Dino had done, the scene got cumbersome and coarse on the grounds that individuals were drawing closer the president’s table from various bearings.

I sat between Sen Olujimi and Sen Bwacha. The three of us felt humiliated by what was plainly a break of supper convention. At that level, if supper was served or being served, great behavior requested that the president’s table ought not be drawn nearer. One ought to hold up until individuals had got done with eating.

No Senator in the USA would rupture such rudimentary convention. We (on my table) anticipated in whispers that associates would soon be banished from drawing nearer the president’s table and it happened. The principal individual to be turned back was Sen Gemade who was unmistakably humiliated. He has a place with the APC; he is not a known commentator of the president.

When I saw that the vast majority had completed their nourishment, I drew nearer the table and offered my merriments. Others went with the same pattern. Nobody was turned back.

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